Health & Safety

Berksan has the international consciousness and moral of HSE.

Berksan Engineering HSE
"Daily Toolbox Meeting" Berksan Daily Toolbox Meeting
"All injuries and occupational diseases can be prevented."
Berksan Health And Safety Pictures

Fully Participitation
Safety is a responsibility of all Berksan personnel. And everyone has to participate the awareness and preventive process of incidents.

Organisation and Planning
Berksan conducts risk analysis and takes all preventive measures during the organization and planning steps of the activities.

Berksan continuously inspect the correctness and safety of the our workers behavior during activities.

Berksan always keep the safe working consciousness alive by the incentive programs and keep doing systematic trainings until the end of the project.

Every breach of safety rules as, “near miss”, “first aid”, “recordable injury” and “Lost Time Incident” are reported and considered to be evaluated in order to prevent further incidents.

We believe that; all injuries and dangerous events can be prevented.