Biomass Power Plant

Bolu / Turkey / 2023

Main Contractor : Aalborg Energie Technik a/s

Start Date : 01/2021

End Date : 02/2023

Electrical Scope Of Works

Material supply, Installation and testing works of;

Cable Containment System
Cables and Busbars
Electrical Equipments
Heat Tracing System
Earthing System

Biomass Power Plant
Biomass Power Plant
Biomass Power Plant Biomass Power Plant
Biomass Power Plant Biomass Power Plant
Biomass Power Plant Biomass Power Plant

The chicken litter-fired and environment friendly power plant will produce 35 MWe in Turkey. Boiler capacity: 99.5MWth, 92 bara, 472ºC, Electrical power ≤35MWe

The plant will annually combust around 250,000 tonnes of biomass, which would otherwise be subject to uncontrolled disposal, and produce 35 MWe of green electricity for export to the grid instead. At the same time, the plant will produce about 35,000 tonnes ash per year, which can be used as a bacteria-free and nutrient-rich fertiliser.

Biomass Boiler will burn chicken litter and will be designed for a fuel heat input of 99,5 MWt and a boiler efficiency of 92%. The Biomass Boiler will be optimised for the chicken litter. With high chloride and high alkali levels in the chicken litter.

The in-house power consumption for the power plant is only approx. 2,5% of the fuel heat input, and this increases the net power output. This provide to produce more power for export to the grid.

Mechanical Scope Of Works

Material supply, Erection and testing works of;

Small piping for the following systems;
Ash screw cooling
Purge gas
Rezigas to burner
Condensate sealing water
Burner cooling air
Natural gas
Aux cooling
Raw water
Demin water
Instrument and Service Air
Drain from sampling & Summer cooler